Don’t worry about Google Panda’s next update!



When Google launched its algorithm, Google Panda, a change in the google’s search result algorithm, in February 2011, a lot of websites were affected. The main aim of introducing such a change was to lower the rank of the low quality sites majorly with respect to content and to bring the high quality sites to rank on top. Google Panda was a change in google’s algorithm from a human angle or a visitors angle. If a visitor is searching for a keyword and if it is directing it to your website, visitors should get justice by getting the desired information they are seeking and not a spammy or irrelevant website existing to benefit themselves by whichever means necessary.

If you have below points in place, you do not need to worry about your website ranking:

1.       High quality content: Your content is high quality which means it is unique, precise and grammatically correct. Your content do not have spelling, style related or factual errors, which means make sure your content is properly copy edited. You content is targeted to your customer and not merely focussing to top a search engine.

2.   No Duplication and Overlapping of content: Look for your website for duplicacy and overlapping of content. Make sure the same content hasn’t appeared more than once on your website or with a slight variation in words. Make sure that your audience get a unique image of your website with quality data and analysis and not just irrelevant information scattered everywhere.

3.   Word Count: Think twice before stuffing your page with content and thinking that maybe it’s one way of gaining quality and escaping the Google Panda’s algorithm’s net. Your word count maybe limited but giving the necessary information about the topic required or is able to explain the question correctly. You might be able to explain a topic in fewer words than using paragraphs to do the same.

4.   Limited advertisements: Google Panda has also affected sites which has huge amount of advertising on their websites. Your website needs to have limited and relevant advertisements where, relevant advertising means the advertising and affiliate links benefiting the site owner but benefiting the visitor even more. If the affiliate links and advertising are there just so that you can gain more revenue and it is not at all useful to the visitor’s search material, you might have an issue.

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