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Communication is the ability to deliver your thought process in a way easily understood by the other person. Communication is a two way process but effective communication can only happen if you not just know how to speak but also know how to listen carefully. There are three forms of communication:

Verbal – wherein, you listen and decode the meaning

Nonverbal – wherein, you observe a person and decode the meaning

Written – wherein, you read and decode the meaning

When we talk about India as a country with its vast diversity in culture, regional language and various dialects. Most of the people are comfortable speaking in their native language, but if you are looking for a good job you need to be well versed in English. So, it is important for an individual to communicate in English to be able to crack an interview.

Also, most of the people who can speak in English are naive to the idea of good personality traits. They can speak but they do not know that their body language play a huge role in determining their personality. If you just know how to speak but on the other hand unaware of your behavior while you are speaking, you are done. For example, you are sitting in front of the interviewer and constantly shaking legs, gives a very wrong impression. So, Personality Development is a collective term for your attitude and your behavior which will determine you as a distinct individual.

At Soutien Infotech, we are aware of the importance of both Communication and Personality Development for shaping an individuals career and hence we provide this course to enhance the skills of all those who come looking for it.

‘Stop worrying and start living’

Communication and Personality Development FAQs

Most of the candidates when appearing for the interview have this issue of not getting selected because of not being able to deliver the answers in English correctly. It is there in your head but owing to difficulties in English you are unable to make the interviewer understand your exact point of view. To overcome such difficulties and getting that well deserved offer letter in your pocket, you should go for this course.
Confidence is the key to any success. After completing this course you will get command over your English skills and get over your shyness, nervousness and hesitation.
All those who feel that they are underconfident or are underperforming due to miscommunications.
Trainers have years of corporate experience as well as teaching experience in Communication and Personality Development.
Our mode of training is classroom and online training both. Classes are on both Weekends and Weekdays in morning b/w 11:00 AM to 1:00 APM (2 hour slot) The complete course schedule is for 2 months. For online training, timings will be set mutually on the students and trainers availability and will be on weekends.

Pricing :

Amount: $150
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Amount: A$199.41
Amount: £110.64
Amount: ₹9,750

Note: We accept all Major Credit / Debit cards.

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