Why is Social Media important for your business?


From finding places to travel, to booking tickets, to buying grocery, everything these days is an online affair. People do not have to travel for anything, all they need to do is click few links on their mobile phones to get the desired product or services or both. For every online business there is a need for online marketing and for online marketing we must require channels where we can reach people. Social media provide that platform. In todays world if you need a cutting edge, you cannot ignore social media as a marketing channel.

Although traditional marketing practices are yet not out of trend but digital marketing is pacing almost parallel or can say is gaining charts with its popularity.

There are various reasons owing to such a shift in preferences:


Your customers are online – You might not know but your customers might be looking for your company or your products online. Your customers who use to purchase physically from you might want to sit back home and go for online shopping. Do not disappoint them, or else they might go to your competitors.


People are talking about you on Social Media – Being on Social Media is all about how social you can be, people are talking about your company on Social Media, rating you, liking and commenting you and more so disliking you through their not so happy comments. The end point is people are referring to your business in more ways than one and they are not just random people, some are also your friend. So if your friends are referring to a certain thing the likelihood of you liking that thing increases.

More people on Social Media – Approximately 460 billion Indians are Internet users as of 2017 of which 241 billion are on Facebook. Since, more and more people of Social Media is increasing every day, it is important to tab those customer through your social media marketing strategy.


Economical method to reach your audience – Social Media is not free as most people understand and organic reach is almost impossible to achieve owing to new Facebook updates but it is definitely economical than other traditional modes of marketing. Even as low as Rs. 100 in a day, you can reach a much larger audience as compared to other traditional marketing methods.


So, if you are running a new business or willing to start a new one, among other planning you must have a good Social Media strategy also in place.



Angel Pandey


libran, dreamer, singer in her own space

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